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You are facing legal difficulties. An uncertain future. You need an attorney who will represent your best interests. Who will do so in an honest, straight-forward manner that commands attention and demands respect. An attorney who takes the time to fully explain to you what is happening and what to expect every step of the way. An attorney like James Hopkins.

Your case may be settled out of court, through negotiation. Or it may lead to a court case with a judge and jury. Wherever your case leads you, it’s the personal attention you receive – and the exacting attention to detail your case receives – that defines our practice


Expect honesty. Clients who work with us find out quickly that we value and practice honesty – from the start. We believe in telling the truth early and often. This means you’ll have a clear picture of where your case may lead and what that means for your future.


You need a lawyer who will treat you with respect and compassion. We provide advocacy that is empathetic, reassuring, and engaging. You’ll receive the compassion and mental support necessary to allow you to successfully navigate the stress and anxiety legal proceedings bring.


You are the most important person on your own legal team. We make sure you understand all aspects of your case and the strategy behind our defense. We take pride in being centered on our clients – our team approach to your defense places you at the center.

Your lawyer is the bridge between you and our country’s complex system of justice. You need a lawyer who will stand with you and stand up for you. Providing outstanding legal services at a fair price, Hopkins Law is the right choice for anyone who needs an ally in court.

I never expected to be in need of a lawyer, but once faced with legal issues, Hopkins Law made the experience less scary and overwhelming. Their knowledge of the legal system allowed me a degree of comfort as court approached. They took care of all the procedures and were available to answer my frequent questions along the way. I cannot say I hope to work with Hopkins Law in the future as I do not wish to again face legal problems; however, if I ever do face such problems, it is good to know there is someone out there that I can count on for advice and support.
- Anonymous Client
Result: case dismissed

Meet the Attorney

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Colorado Attorney

James Hopkins

James’ solid background in social work is invaluable in his role as a criminal and juvenile defense attorney. He brings a matter-of-fact approach and a firm understanding of human psychology to every case. James combines an incredible level of honesty with the ability to make even the most complex legal issues understandable for his clients. Not only do James’ clients receive an effective defense, they feel heard and know they truly have “had their day in court.”

James’ passion for storytelling, in and out of the courtroom, stems from his love of hearing, reading, or seeing a great story. He loves history because he considers it to be a collection of really great stories. James relaxes by reading great books, playing video games, and watching television shows and movies. He also enjoys playing and watching sports, especially the NFL (go 49ers)! James imagines writing a book or a screenplay if he ever stops practicing law.

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