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  • James Hopkins is one of the hardest working lawyers you’ll meet. He is a personable, professional lawyer with a very high degree of understanding in his field. Quite frankly, he’s the best person to have on your team.

    Laurie Macomber, Blue Skies Marketing

  • I liked the straight forwardness of Hopkins Law’s client service. Mr. Hopkins helped me win my case! He was honest with the potential ramifications and different outcomes that could happen. He gave me his advice, but defended me the way I chose to go anyway. He used the witnesses I provided. He worked hard to get the district attorney and judge to see that my intent was not criminal though my actions were. If I know someone who needs a lawyer I’d recommend James Hopkins.

    Anonymous Felony Client, Result: case dismissed

  • I never expected to be in need of a lawyer, but once faced with legal issues, Hopkins Law made the experience less scary and overwhelming. Their knowledge of the legal
    system allowed me a degree of comfort as court approached. They took care of all the procedures and were available to answer my frequent questions along the way. I cannot say I hope to work with Hopkins Law in the future as I do not wish to again face legal problems; however, if I ever do face such problems, it is good to know there
    is someone out there that I can count on for advice and support.

    Anonymous DUI Client, Result: case dismissed

  • Mr. Hopkins, I can’t thank you enough! It means so much to me that my case was dismissed. I know you did not always agree with my ideas about how to handle my case, but you always listened and you always fought hard to get the district attorney to see my side of the story. I am certain that if you had not been ready to take my case to trial, the district attorney would not have dismissed it. I felt like you believed in my innocence and I’m convinced that it made an impression on the district attorney. I know I was not the easiest client to deal with, but you always took the time to answer my questions and calm my fears. Thank you for keeping a conviction off my record!

    Anonymous Domestic Violence Client, Result: case dismissed

  • What I like about Mr. Hopkins’ service is that he is available at all times. He stays on top of everything going on in the case. You can always depend on him to take care of any important issues in the case. What I liked most of Mr. Hopkins’ service is the way he listens and makes you feel comfortable. He is not only the best attorney, but the best friend to have on your side.

    Anonymous Felony Client, Result: Client’s sentence reduced from 32 years in prison to 6 years in the Youth Offender System

  • The district attorney would not listen to anything I had to say. I knew I was no guilty of anything. I told my problem to James and he came to court with me and talked to the district attorney. Not long after that my case was dismissed. James did a terrific job on my case.

    Anonymous Domestic Violence Client, Result: case dismissed

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Where I Stand – James Hopkins

James HopkinsWhen I started law school, my plan was to practice in business law and intellectual property law. But as I worked my way through school, I saw the pivotal time our country and its citizens were entering. As my knowledge and appreciation of our constitution and laws developed in the post 9/11 era, so too did my fear that some of our most vital rights were slipping away.

While the government waged its war on terror, our rights of privacy, free speech, due process, and habeas corpus have all been significantly limited. I acknowledge that the security and defense of our country is extremely important. But it is our obligation to find a balance between protecting our country and protecting our constitutional rights.

My decision to practice criminal defense allows me to do just that. Whether it is marching for a cause or making a voting decision, we all must take a stand for our rights. Each individual choice, no matter how small, will have an impact.

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